Phoenix Color® Component Technical Information

We offer many value-added special effects, including our trademarked decorative techniques, all focused on bringing your product center-stage in the marketplace.

Four-color printing over a brilliant, vibrant silver and can be customized to give the desired metal effect.


A special custom detailed emboss which is done at the final stage of production, going over all laminations and coatings.

Look of Leather™

Create the style and texture of leather with this luxurious embossed effect.

Blind Spot UV

An effect that requires no printed design at all. A clear gloss effect that creates art all on its own.

Glow-in-the-Dark UV™

A spot UV effect that glows, creating a powerful dynamic to artwork.


A film and UV combination that is an alternative to using matte film with spot gloss.

Blind Emboss

An emboss that stands alone, not in register with any specific artwork, creating a unique effect.


An etched foil effect that will add depth and detail to any artwork.

Post Emboss

An overall effect that can be used on case covers, paperback covers and book jackets to give texture to artwork. Available in gloss or matte finishes.

Gritty Matte UV

An overall finish with a rough, grainy surface quality that makes artwork touchable. Available as a Spot or Flood application.

Spot Glitter UV

A shimmering effect for use on book components, adding extra sparkle and movement.

Raised Spot UV®

A raised spot UV effect that can be used as a faux emboss to give your artwork texture.

Dry Trapping

A metallic ink effect that gives a metallic sheen to artwork without the use of foil or metallized stocks.


A technique that recreates CMYK while removing any unwanted colors. Can be used in combination with any PMS color; the possibilities are endless.