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We have a knowledgeable customer service department comprised of a dedicated group of individuals whose job it is to represent the customer inside the plant. Our customer service representatives serve as the key point of contact between the customer and the Sales Representative, assuring the smooth flow of each project through the production and manufacturing process.

Senior Vice President of Sales

Mike Wettstein 240-527-2541

SVP of Sales and Marketing Packaging and Labels

Daniel P. O’Brien 203-259-5097

Vice President of Sales

Mike Phippard 240-527-2572

New York State & New York Metro Area

Victoria Fogarty 240-527-2551

Greg Rodgers 240-527-2545

Michael Wettstein 240-527-2541

Lonn Braender 240-527-2547

New England Region

Mike Phippard 240-527-2572

Mid-Atlantic Region

Jim Rube 240-527-2527

Midwest Region

Eric Henze 240-527-2561

South & Western Regions

Greg Rodgers 240-527-2545


Annie Kelley 240-527-2277