Products: Special Effects

We offer many finishing techniques to make your products stand above the rest, including our trademarked decorative techniques:

  • Decogram®: Create the impression of dimension and movement by combining foils with printed art and embossing it to reflect light.
  • LeHiFi®: Is our special six-color integrated printing process that creates amazingly lifelike colors.
  • Metaltone™: Four-color printing over a brilliant, vibrant silver and can be customized to give the desired metal effect.
  • Vibramotion®: A special custom detailed emboss which is done at the final stage of production, going over all laminations and coatings.
  • LithoFoil®: An etched foil effect that will add depth and detail to any artwork.
  • Vibracolor™: A technique that recreates CMYK while removing any unwanted colors. Can be used in combination with any PMS color; the possibilities are endless.
  • Interactive Illusion®: A raised spot UV effect that can be used as a faux emboss to give your artwork texture.
  • Spot Glitter: A shimmering effect for use on book components, adding extra sparkle and movement. PLAY VIDEO
  • Dry Trapping: A metallic ink effect that gives a metallic sheen to artwork without the use of foil or metallized stocks.
  • Blind Spot UV: An effect that requires no printed design at all. A clear gloss effect that creates art all on its own.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark™: A spot UV effect that glows, creating a powerful dynamic to artwork.
  • Gritty Matte UV: An overall finish with a rough, grainy surface quality that makes artwork touchable.
  • Look of Leather™: Create the style and texture of leather with this luxurious embossed effect.
  • Lithomatte™: A film and UV combination that is an alternative to using matte film with spot gloss.
  • Blind Emboss: An emboss that stand alone, not in register with any specific artwork, creating a unique effect.
  • Phoenix Premiere™: A paper and film combination of the whitest, brightest paper stock and the shiniest film on the market.
  • Post Emboss: An overall effect that can be used on casecovers, paperback covers and book jackets to give texture to artwork. Available in gloss or matte finishes.
  • Spot Gritty Matte UV: An effect that can be used to create spots of touchable texture on your artwork.

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