Go Green: Green Efforts

Sustaining Our Green Efforts

Going green and staying green from the inside out…

green effortsPhoenix Color continues to forge ahead with its sustainable efforts in the workplace. We have always been conscious of the impact we have on the environment, and have strived to be the leader in providing environmentally-friendly services to our customers. We care how our actions today will impact the environment in the future, and because of this we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our green efforts also take place from within. We have recently cut down tremendously on the use of paper products within the office environment, among other things providing recycled mugs derived from cornbased plastic to each employee instead. We have teamed up with our local waste company to make sure we are recycling as much waste material as possible. These are just a few examples of how Phoenix Color is growing greener.

We continue to find more environmentally-friendly ways of carrying out production. From using FSC and SFI® certified paper, to using inks derived from vegetable oil and rosin-based resins we use in the printing process. Changes are being made all the time within our plants to drive energy efficiency. The implementation of these standards is an important part of who Phoenix Color is and where we are headed. Please join us in our journey as we continue to move towards improving our futures.

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