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Top 10 Most Common Problems Associated with Supplied Electronic Files

  • Missing or Incorrect Fonts
  • Incorrect Trapping or use of Black
  • Incorrect Color or File Format
  • No Layered Art Supplied
  • No Trim or Fold Marks
  • Incorrectly Positioned Trim or Fold Marks
  • Missing or Incorrect Links
  • Insufficient Bleeds
  • No Accurate Proofs or Essential Instructions
  • Effective Resolutions Below 300 DPI

The Importance of Preflighting

How to Preflight a PDF-

  • Open Acrobat 8 Pro. and select “Advanced”/“Preflight”.
  • A separate preflight window will open. Select the “Options” pull down menu.
  • From within the “Options” menu select “Import Preflight Profile.”
  • Navigate to the ACROBAT7_8PREFLIGHT folder. Select and “Open” the appropriate Phoenix profile version from within (7 = Acrobat 7, 8 = Acrobat 8).

Preflighting Problems

  • Be sure to preflight the PDF and not the InDesign files.
  • The Final PDF should not be lo-res or RGB.
  • To avoid delays in the schedule, be sure that the sizes of the files match the binder’s template.

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